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    Training Agenda on June 2012 in Bandung & Jakarta

    ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE June 07-08,2012Leading Finance and Accounting Department June 07-08,2012Managers Guide to Improving Internal Ctrl: Sarbox App.. June 07-08,2012Finance Policies and Procedures (SOP Finance)* June 11-12,2012Activity-Based Cost Management* June 11-12,2012Fundamentals of Indirect Cost Rates June 11-12,2012Managing Risk in Asset Management June 11-12,2012Fast Closing Workshop* June 13-14,2012Business Combination Accounting June 13-14,2012Strategic Business & Financial Analysis June 13-14,2012Advanced Cost Control: A Strategic Guide June 13-14,2012Creative Cash Flow Reporting (BPRO&LPAI) June 13-15,2012Accounting Best Practices* June 13-15,2012Fixed Assets Accounting* June 13-15,2012Financial Risk Management*
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    Hello Professionals!

    This is valuable information for you, particularly who are aware that training is the main tool for self development and your career development. Through training, you will also be able to improve the quality of work and even better quality of life. Success is always for you.


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